Our food

Our salads are like no other: there’s no menu on the table, we just serve the best salads made from the freshest ingredients on that day. We cater for every taste and need, letting you choose your favourite dishes to create your own bespoke meal.


your protein

We offer a wide variety of proteins sourced sustainably and locally from our top providers. Ask any of our friendly staff for suggestions.


2 salads

All of our salads are delicious and thoughtfully constructed, made using a wide variety of ingredients. They are all dairy and gluten free.

Add some

nuts & seeds

Super-boost your salad by adding some healthy, nutrient-packed flavour and texture with our range of nuts and seeds.

Choose from our

healthy condiments

We make beautiful condiments to complement your salads, from beetroot hummus to green superfood, all of our extras are vegan friendly.


The Team

Our staff do much more than just serve you tasty salads and smoothies. They are nutritional educators, on hand to help you choose a meal that is balanced and right for your dietary needs.

Available from 8am

Trained before work? Start your day the Dolce Terra way and add an egg to any salad for a breakfast fit for a champion. On the move? Don’t miss out on your nutritional hit, just grab a supercharged lunch to go.

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